Vitamin A or retinol has been used in skin care for over 15 years and the benefits are well documented and understood. However as technology progresses so have the forms and types of retinol changed with varying degrees of beneficial effects and side effects. Let Dr Alek Nikolic guide you on choosing the best vitamin A products and their strengths for your skin type and skin concern.

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Vitamin A and Retinol Quick Reference Guide

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Need A Helpful Vitamin A and Retinol Skin Care Guideline? You have either heard a lot about using retinol or vitamin A in your skin care regime or maybe you have never come across it. Either...

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Retinol, Skin Care Ingredients, Vitamins For The Skin

Finding The Truth Behind Retinol

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Separate the Fiction From Non-Fiction Dr Alek Nikolic Reveals The Truth Behind Retinol Myths. Find the Truth behind retinol and mixing other active skin ingredients.  I thought I had to write an article on this subject as...

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