serums’s mission is to empower your skin and to restore it to its fullest health by improving and reversing specific skin concerns through the use of products. Dr Alek Nikolic formulated products with five goals in mind: to use the best and highest concentration active ingredients available, to combine ingredients in every serum that also repair and maintain the skin barrier, to use ingredients that minimise skin reactions, to make products readily accessible and to ensure that all products can be easily added to any basic skincare regime.

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Product categories gloss | radiant shot

EARN 520 SkinMiles flash 2 | repair shot

EARN 392 SkinMiles pure | medi shot

EARN 280 SkinMiles marvel | hydro shot

EARN 420 SkinMiles flash 3 | repair shot

EARN 500 SkinMiles flash 1 | repair shot

EARN 352 SkinMiles bounce | combo shot

EARN 720 SkinMiles avenge | glyco-10

EARN 302 SkinMiles avenge | HPR-5

EARN 646 SkinMiles flash 2 & 3 | value pack

R2,230.00 R2,007.00
EARN 802 SkinMiles blemish | acne treatment pack

R1,580.00R1,950.00 R1,499.92R1,836.25
EARN 280 SkinMiles flash 1&2 | value pack

R1,860.00 R1,674.00
EARN 669 SkinMiles