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The skin product range you will want to age with…

Dr Alek introduces the skin care brand Dermaquest and gives a quick highlight of all the products in the range and their specific uses.

SkinMiles is the first online store in South Africa to become official stockists of the Dermaquest range of skin care products. Here is a quick run down of the brand Dermaquest and their skin products.

Dermaquest offers luxury skin care rich in botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins, with hydrating and protective ingredients that are vital for maintaining skin integrity. With a comprehensive line of collections catering to the most sought-after skin desires, Dermaquest uses the precise amounts of active ingredients and delivery systems to achieve unparalleled results, leaving your skin youthful, bright, clear and radiant.

Welcome to the world of unparalleled skincare, where Dermaquest strives to be nothing less than visionary. Since 1999, we have been leaders in advanced skincare technology, formulating products with the latest and most luxurious ingredients. Dermaquest were among the first to put the powerful properties of peptides, micronized zinc and glycolic acid to use. Today, Dermaquest chemists alone are at the very helm of innovation, unearthing the peerless benefits of plant stem cell technology.

Dermaquest formulas are already renowned for their effectiveness and superior quality, which in turn became our priorities: to boldly craft the most impressive skincare line possible. We are paraben and cruelty-free.

Dermaquest’s current portfolio targets the most demanding of skin care conditions and consists of professional peel treatments and homecare products that offer comprehensive solutions to skin concerns. Due to the range’s highly effective ingredients and the need for recommendation based on skin types and conditions, Dermaquest is physician only and is currently stocked in some of the leading aesthetic clinics in South Africa.

Dermaquest Essentials Collection1_1_essentials_collection

‘Healthy skin is beautiful skin’

The Essentials Collection delivers the nourishment, protection and balance that your skin deserves. Brimming with vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, these core products will revitalize any skin type, and effectively prepare skin to address specific concerns with at home products doctor prescribed skin care products.

SkinMiles online Essentials Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL B5 HYDRATING SERUM: Lightweight hydrating serum, delivering immediate, luminous moisture, essential for all skin types
  2. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL B5 MOISTURE MATT: Crafted to hydrate while keeping your complexion balanced and beautiful, this oil-free blend uses the anti-inflammatory powers of Lilac Stem Cells, leaving skin pacified, softened and shine-free
  3. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL DAILY CLEANSER: An ultra-gentle cleanser that instantly removes dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin, while Papaya and Pineapple extracts provide gentle exfoliation to purify and polish for a clear and fresh complexion
  4. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL MOISTURIZER: A lusciously hydrating moisturiser, crafted for everyday use. MDI Complex® and Matrixyl™ will refine texture and smooth fine lines, ensuring that your skin is supple, taught and silky
  5. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL SOLAR MOISTURIZER SPF30: Shields skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with an infusion of plant-based extracts, peptides and antioxidants
  6. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL STARTER KIT: Four-piece kit from DermaQuest’s Essential collection and is a great introduction to the Essential range or as a travel kit
  7. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL STEM CELL REBUILDING COMPLEX: Strengthens aging skin, fortifying epidermal resilience while it stimulates collagen production and cell proliferation for tighter, more toned with free of fine lines and wrinkles
  8. DERMAQUEST ESSENTIAL YOUTH PROTECTION SPF 30: This moisturizing 100% physical sunscreen is light enough to wear under makeup, while Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide work hard to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  9. DERMAQUEST SHEERZINC SPF 30 NUDE, TNNED & SUNKISSED: Available in three luscious shades for sheer coverage. This sunscreen packs a powerful punch. Zinc Oxide and antioxidants combine to create broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays


Dermaquest Sensitized 2_3_sensitized_collection

Sense and Sensitivity

We all deserve a little pampering. Whether you’ve always had finicky skin, or simply have environmental sensitivities, the Sensitized Collection was specifically formulated to care take and purify even the most sensitive skin. With a gentle cleanser, silky moisturizer and a calming serum, delicate and tender skin can be nourished and refreshed without stripping essential oils.

SkinMiles online Sensitized Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST DELICATE CLEANSING CREAM: Gentle creamy cleanser that purifies your sensitive skin without stripping essential oils or over drying
  2. DERMAQUEST DELICATE DAILY MOISTURISER: Softening and calming, this gentle conditioner indulges and strengthens distressed skin in need of comfort
  3. DERMAQUEST DELICATE SOOTHING SERUM: A replenishing serum designed for post-treatment use and for calming sensitive skin


Dermaquest Advanced Therapy 1_4_advanced_therapy_collection

Moving Forward

If your skin is in need of an extra boost, the products in the growing Advanced Therapy Collection were crafted to be special additions to your personal home care regimen.

SkinMiles online Advanced Therapy Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST ALGAE POLISHING SCRUB: This cooling scrub uses jojoba beads to remove excess skin cells through gentle exfoliating, leaving the skin smooth and prepped for advanced treatment products
  2. DERMAQUEST HYDRATING GEL MASK: Blended to hydrate and enhance elasticity, the Dermaquest Hydrating Gel Mask employs Lilac Plant Stem Cells, Sodium Hyaluronate and MDI Complex® to refresh thirsty skin
  3. DERMAQUEST MINI PUMPKIN MASK: Both anti-bacterial and rich in enzymes that actively digest excess skin cells. AHAs gently decongest clogged pores for a polished complexion
  4. DERMAQUEST PERFECTING PRIMER: Smoothes away pores, creases, and imperfections while extending makeup wear with a lightweight and quick-absorbing texture
  5. DERMAQUEST RADIANT SKIN FACIAL OIL: Boasting a blend of oils to revive dull, lifeless skin
  6. DERMAQUEST UNIVERSAL CLEANSING OIL: easily remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities that prevent the skin from achieving optimal health and appearance


Dermaquest Stem Cell 3D Stem-cell-B-&-W-Image-cropped

Luxury never gets old.

Dermaquest’s dazzling Stem Cell 3D Luxury Collection boasts all of the brilliant discoveries we’ve made as the leaders in plant stem cell technology. With a complete 3D Ritual, you’ll be immersed from head to toe in our most transforming and enchanting formulations, crafted to renew, repair and refine your skin with lavish intensity. Leave no stone unturned. Rejoice and indulge in the power of Dermaquest.

SkinMiles online Stem Cell 3D Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D COMPLEX: Imbued with advanced Biotech Marine® and botanical stem cells, powerful brightening peptides, and potent antioxidants
  2. DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D EYELIFT: Renewing potentials of Biotech Marine with restorative Gardenia and Sea Holly Stem Cells
  3. DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D FACIAL CLEANSER: Removes makeup and impurities while dousing your skin in a restorative and transforming bath
  4. DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D HYDRAFIRM SERUM: Four powerful peptides and Hyaluronic Acid work to replenish and keep dry skin at bay
  5. DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D TINTED MOISTURISER: Gentle, sheer-tinted moisturizer coupled with a UVA/UVB physical sunscreen for airy, immediate coverage


Dermaquest Peptide Vitality 2_4_peptide_vitality_collection

The years will be kind.

The diverse capabilities of peptides make the Peptide Vitality Collection a miracle for aging skin. Imbued with the strength to prevent and overpower collagen breakdown, paired with their unique ability to plump and smooth, peptides are capable of filling fine lines and wrinkles from within the skin. An incredible advancement in skincare, available from Dermaquest in unique, potent blends.

SkinMiles online Peptide Vitality Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST NOURISHING PEPTIDE CREAM: Nourish and restore overworked skin with our antioxidant-rich peptide cream with anti-aging plant extracts
  2. DERMAQUEST NOURISHING PEPTIDE RICH: DermaQuest’s lavish moisturizer helps return skin to its youthful luminescence. Imbued with advanced peptides, CoQ10, and fatty acids
  3. DERMAQUEST PEPTIDE EYE FIRMING SERUM: Neutralize dark circles and subdue puffy eyes with this serene, moisturizing serum, mindfully formulated for delicate, under-eye skin
  4. DERMAQUEST PEPTIDE LINE CORRECTOR: Fine lines and wrinkles are virtually filled in from within as the 60% peptide serum works on the cellular level outward, giving rise to transformed, rejuvenated skin


Dermaquest Dermaclear 2_1_dermaclear_collection

For a clear forecast.

The DermaClear Collection was formulated to combat the many stages and types of acne. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or simply need to correct a spot now and then, Dermaquest offers a variety of products blended to prevent, quell and alleviate the myriad symptoms of acne.

SkinMiles online Dermaclear Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST DERMACLEAR BHA CLEANSER: Expel your pore and acne concerns with our phenomenal cleanser as dirt, oil and debris are crisply washed away
  2. DERMAQUEST DERMACLEAR CLEANSER: Specially formulated with Mandelic Acid, this cleanser is ideal for all stages of acne, yet is particularly beneficial for breakouts
  3. DERMAQUEST DERMACLEAR PADS: Delivers powerful acne-fighting and soothing ingredients in a convenient pad


Dermaquest C Infusion 2_2_c_infusion_collection

Vibrant beautiful you.

The C Infusion Collection boasts the unparalleled powers of BVOSC, a potent yet gentle, stable form of vitamin C. With abilities to give rise to glowing, vibrant skin, this collection promises to energize and enchant. Imbued with Orange Stem Cells, our antioxidant rich blends scavenge free radicals while tightening and evening skin. Let your skin bloom with these nourishing, brilliant formulas.

SkinMiles online C Infusion Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST C INFUSION CLEANSER: Overflowing with antioxidants this foaming cleanser purifies and preserves while slowing the effects of harmful free radicals
  2. DERMAQUEST C INFUSION EYE CREAM: Specifically developed with Orange Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres™, deeply hydrates and improves skin’s luster
  3. DERMAQUEST C INFUSION SERUM: Uses extra-active BV-OSC and Orange Stem Cells, known to gently tone and tighten, while protecting skin from harmful free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles


Dermaquest SkinBrite 1_2_skinbrite_collection

Lighten up.

We crafted the SkinBrite Collection to banish dark spots, under eye circles and hyperpigmentation concerns through the powers of brightening botanicals and the latest in illuminating ingredients. Don’t be left in the dark, our SkinBrite line evens skin tone and brightens for a luminous you.

SkinMiles online SkinBrite Range Includes:

  1. DERMAQUEST SKINBRITE CREAM: Lightweight and moisturizing, this brightening cream uses Chromabright™ and BV-OSC to help fade pigmentation and quell melanin for an even, glowing skin tone
  2. DERMAQUEST SKINBRITE EYEBRITE: Blend of Madonna Lily Stem Cells and antioxidants lift dark circles on the surface while curative peptides work as the saviour beneath your skin to calm puffy, tired eyes


About Samantha Nikolic

Samantha Nikolic has received training from numerous skin care brands such as NeoStrata, Obagi, Colorescience, Dermaquest, Dermaceutic to name a few and is certified to perform NeoStrata Glycolic Acid Peels and give advice regarding their topical anti-ageing and non medical topical acne skin treatments Furthermore, she has been certified by Radiant Healthcare (Syneron South Africa) to use all of the IPL/Bi-Polar Radiofrequency applications that include Photofacial® Skin Rejuvenation, Refirm® Skin Tightening, and Hair Removal. Our approach to your skin is to give you the best advice on skincare ingredients and skin treatments providing you with a personal skincare regime that is specific for your skin type and skin concern. “We all have a passion so our focus for you is to only provide you with what we are the very best at – looking after your skin. To achieve this goal, we have focused on very specific skincare brands and skin treatments to enable you to get the best from each. We do not believe one size fits all as each of us have unique needs and skin concerns” – Sam Nikolic

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