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Do Eye Creams Really Work?

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The skin around the eye (that includes the upper and lower eyelid skin) is the thinnest in the body so it will be the first to show lines and wrinkles. With thinner skin comes less collagen and elastin and less resistance to UV and environmental and free radicle or oxidative damage. So how to find an effective eye cream or do eye creams actually work may be just some of the questions you have. Finding the right eye cream may not be easy so I am hoping with this article to answer the above questions and to help everyone find:

The best eye cream skin products

Eye creams that work

Eye creams for dark circles

Eye creams for puffy eyes

Eye creams that contain caffeine and those that have a built in SPF

Get The Skinny On Eye Creams:

Upfront I do believe it is important to know that your face cream can be used over the eye area. We do not need a special and specific eye cream unless we are targeting a specific eye area concern. The ingredients used for a face cream is perfectly fine for the eye area. It is a misconception to think that the eye skin is delicate and needs a special and specific concentration of ingredients. OK now that we have that out of the way let’s look at what you do need and when to look for a specific eye cream.

What Ingredients Are Needed?

What the eye area needs is exactly the same as the rest of the face namely: antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and skin-repairing ingredients, so if your face cream contains these ingredients in an effective moisturiser or serum then my recommendation is to use it on your eyelid skin as well.

When To Look For An Eye Cream

Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, and Sagging Skin

These are common complaints that I hear from my patients when it comes to the eye area and it is important to know that some of these cannot be treated with a topical product including eye creams on the market claiming they can.

Dark circles are caused by:

  1. Loss of fatty support resulting in a tear trough and a shadow effect: Best treatment for this is dermal fillers.
  2. Pigmentation: darkening of the skin can be genetic or due to UV damage. Best treatment is laser with pigment lightening topicals such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
  3. Veins and capillaries: a red hue can cause darkening. Best treatment is laser vein removal:
  4. Combination of the above. Best treatment is a combination of the above mentioned treatments.

Puffy eyes are caused by:

  1. Water collection resulting in visible bags that feel spongy. Best treatment is lymphatic massage and decongesting ingredients such as caffeine
  2. A collection of fat as we age: Best treatment option is surgical correction.

Sagging skin is caused by the natural ageing process and can be aggravated by UV exposure and free radicle damage. Best treatment depends on the severity and can include topicals that contain retinol, lasers, or surgical repair.

Product Suggestions:

For dark circles:

During the day it is vital to include a good SPF:


Sagging skin and wrinkles:

Skin around the eye tends to respond to high concentrations of antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients.

SPF, SPF and More SPF:

I know I sound like a stuck record when it comes to daily sun protection for your face but this is an absolute necessity when treating and looking after the eye area. If you suffer from any specific eye concern such as puffy eyes, dark circles, and sagging skin then a good SPF factor 30 or higher that contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide is vital for this area and the skin around your eyes. Other important things to consider is to wear sunglasses and a hat when exposed to harsh sunny conditions.

Here are some of the best ingredients in eye creams we have; choose according to your skin concern and what your budget will allow:

Dr Alek Nikolic’s Eye Cream Recommendations

  • EXUVIANCE HYDRATING EYE COMPLEX: This ultra-light, hydrating eye cream smoothes and brightens the eye area and discourages signs of aging with a powerful complex of Polyhydroxy Acids; Formulated with Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid (PHAs), Provides antioxidant protection, Contains Pro-Vitamins A, C, and E, Hydrates with a soothing blend of botanicals. Price: R 390.00
  • NEOSTRATA EYE CREAM: NeoStrata Eye Cream effectively strengthens the skin around the eye to make it less vulnerable to irritants, with the inclusion of Gluconolactone to help reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. Hyaluronic acid works to reduce dryness, and create and retain a light shield of moisture. Green tea, and evening primrose and avocado oils soothe the skin in this fragrance-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic eye cream, suitable for all skin types. Price: R 440.00
  • NEOSTRATA BIONIC EYE CREAM PLUSVitamin K helps to strengthen leaky capillaries that contribute to the dark circles. Lactobionic acid is a potent antioxidant that helps prevent collagen breakdown and builds the skin’s matrix, smoothing lines from the inside so your skin appears firmer and less puffy. Green tea and cucumber extracts reduce puffiness and soothe the eye area. This fragrance-free and dye-free formulation is fully ophthalmologist tested. Price: R 609.00
  • OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE SERUM 14 MLA bi-mineral complex helps to promote healthy collagen and elastin production while minimizing fine lines and fading the look of dark circles. The formula also contains caffeine to help alleviate under-eye puffiness and malonic acid to help exfoliate dulling dead skin cells. Strengthens fragile skin and Contains malonic acid to stimulate cell turnover. Price: R 718.00
  • DERMAQUEST C INFUSION EYE CREAM: Specifically developed with Orange Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres™, deeply hydrates and improves skin’s lustre. The revitalizing effects of Eyeliss™ and Matrixyl™ reduce dark circles and increase circulation to the delicate skin under the eye. Price: R 990.00
  • NEOSTRATA SKIN ACTIVE INTENSIVE EYE THERAPY: Apple Stem Cell Extract protects the longevity of skin’s own stem cells so that your skin behaves like younger skin. Peptides stimulate matrix components to produce more collagen, and together with patented NeoGlucosamine®, reinforce collagen’s surrounding support structure. Price: R 1,007.00
  • DERMAQUEST STEM CELL 3D EYELIFTBoosts collagen and elasticity to strengthen skin, Firms and lifts, Hydrates and increases moisture retention, Protects against free radical damage. Price: R 1,295.00


I hope you found the article on how to find the Best Eye Cream useful and that you will consider adding them to your skin care regime. Remember we have tested all our online doctor prescribed skin products at my cosmetic practice. If you have any skin questions let me know and please feel free to post any comments.

Kind regards

Samantha Nikolic







About Samantha Nikolic

Samantha Nikolic has received training from numerous skin care brands such as NeoStrata, Obagi, Colorescience, Dermaquest, Dermaceutic to name a few and is certified to perform NeoStrata Glycolic Acid Peels and give advice regarding their topical anti-ageing and non medical topical acne skin treatments Furthermore, she has been certified by Radiant Healthcare (Syneron South Africa) to use all of the IPL/Bi-Polar Radiofrequency applications that include Photofacial® Skin Rejuvenation, Refirm® Skin Tightening, and Hair Removal. Our approach to your skin is to give you the best advice on skincare ingredients and skin treatments providing you with a personal skincare regime that is specific for your skin type and skin concern. “We all have a passion so our focus for you is to only provide you with what we are the very best at – looking after your skin. To achieve this goal, we have focused on very specific skincare brands and skin treatments to enable you to get the best from each. We do not believe one size fits all as each of us have unique needs and skin concerns” – Sam Nikolic

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