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Our Favourite Picks to Refresh Your Spring Skincare & Beauty Routine

As the weather changes, so too does our skin. See what Dr Alek had to say about changing your skincare with the seasons on Expresso here, then check out our round-up of the skincare and beauty products that will help you transition your skin from winter to spring below.


DERMAQUEST C Infusion Cleanser

Best for: Dull, textured skin types

Prep and prime your skin for the day with this refreshing foaming cleanser that’s overflowing with antioxidants to purify and protect.

One SkinMiles customer raves: “This is my favourite cleanser of all time. The smell is so fresh! It foams up so beautifully and my skin feels so smooth and clean after. It’s also really contributed to the additional glow I’ve experienced! Highly recommended!”



Best for: Fine lines & wrinkles, all skin types.

Supercharged with hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E, this light-textured cream deeply moisturises while helping to counteract signs of ageing.

“My skin is soft and rehydrated, even after I have cleansed my face in the morning. It has a clean scent and only a little is needed for application,” says one SkinMiles shopper.

skin avenge ascorbyl t-15 avenge | ascorbyl t-15

Best for: Serum. Dull, textured skin type, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles.

The key ingredients in this super serum are ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (a vitamin C derivative) and ethyl ferulate (also known as ferulic acid), which work to protect your skin against signs of ageing and treat dull skin, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, it’s the answer to all your glowy skin dreams.

NEOSTRATA Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment

NEOSTRATA Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment

Best for: Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin

This overnight treatment is made with PHAs and lilac plant cell extract to help restore and strengthen your skin while you get your beauty rest.

As one SkinMiles shopper said, “This is a magic product. I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin when I am applying it the previous night and leave it on overnight. This product let my skin glow almost like I have just had a facial treatment. Worth trying.”


IS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex Polish

Best for: All skin types.

Get instantly smoother, softer skin with this cleansing polish that contains a mix of both chemical and physical exfoliation.

MUK HAIRCARE Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment

MUK HAIRCARE Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment

Best for: All hair types.

Among the long list of benefits of this leave-in hair treatment are softer, smoother strands, incredible shine, less frizz and more volume, to name a few. Plus, it leaves your hair smelling so good.



Best for: Anti-ageing

This scientifically formulated lip treatment promises to deliver an instantly fuller, more youthful pout – no needles required.

Here’s what one SkinMiles reviewer had to say: “I hardly use anything else on my lips. It moisturizes, plumps, beautifies. It builds collagen, hydrates and lasts for hours. I am so glad I spotted this in the drs rooms and have never looked back. Lipstick, lipbloss and lip enhancer in one.”

MOROCCANTAN Moroccan Bronzer

MOROCCANTAN Moroccan Bronzer

Best for: Suitable for all skin types.

Infused with argan and rosehip oils, this pressed-powder bronzer will give your skin a radiant finish while protecting and hydrating it.



Best for: Suitable for all skin types.

If you want to get tanned skin, we recommend staying out of the sun and using this fast-absorbing self-tanning oil, which is infused with argan oil and probiotics to deliver an instant luminous tan while hydrating and protecting the skin.


ESTHEDERM Adaptasun Body Lotion

Best for: Normal skin that tans easily without burning.

This strong sun cream uses patented technology to ensure your skin is protected from extreme sun exposure, while still allowing you to develop a golden holiday glow. Sounds like a win-win to us!

QMS Active Glow SPF 15

QMS Active Glow SPF 15

Best for: All skin types.

This lightly tinted day cream is formulated with SPF and vitamins to keep your skin glowing and protected all year round.

As one SkinMiles reviewer wrote, “Love this producr! I do not use foundation, so this tinted moisturiser gives my skin a smooth healthy glow xx”

ZO Skin Health Ossential Brightening Skin Sheet Masque

ZO® SKIN HEALTH Ossential Brightening Skin Sheet Masque

Best for: Uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, all skin types.

If you’re looking for brighter, more moisturised skin, then this sheet masque is just for you. The anti-ageing formula improves the clarity and hydration of the skin for an overall glow.

NASSIFMD Under Eye Smoothe

NASSIFMD Under Eye Smoother

Best for: Fine lines & wrinkles.

Using powerful peptides, this pink-tinted cream will instantly awaken your under-eye area.

As one SkinMiles shopper put it, “Absolutely luv this product. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and can see the improvement in the dark circles around my eyes. The puffiness is gone! Will continue using it.”

FOREO UFO 2 Mini Mint

FOREOUFO Mini 2 Mint

Designed to work in combination with the UFO-activated masks (like this luxurious red algae and hyaluronic acid face mask), this facial device uses pulsations, LED light, cryo-therapy and thermo-therapy to help you re-create a professional-level skincare experience at home.

Yours in skin

Dr Alek Nikolic

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