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DermapenWorld is the creation of Australian innovator and medical developer Stene Marshall. In 2010, he worked tirelessly with a team of engineers to revolutionise the microneedling industry by creating the world’s first automated Dermapen. Now in the fourth generation of the device, Dermapen offers far superior design, comfort, versatility and results. Following this DermapenWorld developed Dp Dermaceuticals™ which is another world-first. Dp Dermaceuticals™ Cover Recover helps to reduce the downtime after a procedure and provides flawless foundation coverage with SPF for everyday use. The SPF 30/PA+++ shields you from harmful UV rays. Clinically formulated foundation with medicating actives. Suitable for daily wear.

New formulation featuring some new colour adjustments within the palette. Please see tabs on each product page as a guideline.

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