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curaloe products is wholly owned and manufactured by African Caribbean Aloe Products (Pty) Ltd., located in the beautiful northern Limpopo region of South Africa. They have over 30 years of dedication and experience in growing Aloe Barbadensis Miller better known as Aloe Vera.

The warm, clean and arid climate makes our location the ideal space for the plants to flourish and bring forward the greatest beneficial properties possible. This means that the aloe vera plants with their incredible bio-active properties come straight from the field, placed fresh into their products and directly to benefit you. All curaloe’s Aloe Vera crops are cultivated in compliance with globally accepted standards for organic farming and is independently certified by ECOCERT.

curaloe Aloe Vera is organically certified by ECOCERT SA, HACCP certified, Halaal certified and Kosher certified.

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CURALOE Aloe Vera Soap

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