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WOW JUDE Cleansing Cloth

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Wow Jude Cleansing Cloth

Great for the whole family.  Removes all impurities from the skin.  Convenient for sporting activities and can help improve acne prone skin.  Also reduces the amount of product you use to cleanse your skin, if using a product with the cloth. Comes in 22 different colours.

Size:  30 cm x 30 cm

If you purchase this product you will earn 36 SkinMiles if no other vouchers are used. Worth R3.60
If you purchase this product you will earn 36 SkinMiles if no other vouchers are used. Worth R3.60
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How to use

How to use

Soak your cloth in warm water.  Start with the front of the cloth (the shorter pile), place the cloth on your skin for about 15 seconds  to loosen any stubborn make-up/ dirt.  Start cleansing in circular movements, making sure to be gentle around the eye area. Once finished you can use the longer pile to gently exfoliate the skin, using the same circular motions.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Making polyester fleece from recycled PET bottles is a significant means to reducing the amount of plastic that is otherwise buried in landfills. One manufacturer estimates that for every meter of polyester fabric made of 80% recycled PET, eight plastic beverage bottles are kept out of landfills. Patagonia, the leading manufacturer of recycled polyester fleece garments, estimates that 25 soda bottles go into each jacket made from the fabric. Recycling PET into polyester is also alleged to be less damaging to the environment even than growing organic cotton, because cotton leaches nutrients from soil and requires so much open space to grow. The energy used to make polyester from recycled PET bottles is also significantly less than that needed to heat the chemicals for virgin polyester.

Wow Jude cloths are made of a delicate fibre blend of polyester and silk fibres.  The secret is in the fabric.  When wet it helps break the bond between, make-up, stubborn dirt, and impurities on the skin.

When finished using your cleansing cloth, whether traveling or at home, wash it with soap available in the bathroom, rinse out well and hang up to air-dry. Once or twice week machine wash it, using a lukewarm or cold wash. Once washed hang to air-dry. Do not leave in direct sunlight or tumble-dry.

Colour Swatch

Colour Swatch

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for WOW JUDE Cleansing Cloth

  1. Nanine (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cloth. It easily removes makeup and it leaves my skin feeling great after. I’ve already bought 4 more for my friends.

  2. Fatima1989 (verified owner)

    Lovely buy , so soft , no tugging , clean skin in two swipes with no dryness or tightness

  3. Leanne (verified owner)

    Since purchasing my WOW JUDE cloth a few years ago, I have literally never gone a day without using it. I have several and will continue to purchase these whenever I need new ones.

  4. Rika (verified owner)

    Best cleansing cloth EVER. I was gifted a WOWJude cloth once and have not bought anything else since then. Amazingly soft and gentle on my skin.

  5. Taryn (verified owner)

    These cloths are amazing even on sensitive skin. Easy to use and clean, especially when in a hurry. Purchased a few more after my first use. You won’t go wrong with this purchase.

  6. Kirsten (verified owner)

    Best cleansing cloths ever! Remove make-up effortlessly! Leaves no stains (my worst) and you can throw them in the washing machine – bonus! Won’t use any other cleansing cloths or wipes!

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