LAMELLE Correctives 3.0 RA Serum

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LAMELLE Correctives 3.0 RA Serum

Serum. Fine lines & wrinkles.

Formulated with a specially created retinoic acid (RA) analogue, Lamelle Correctives RA Serums delivers all the skin-health benefits of RA without impacting those receptors that trigger retinoid reactions and unwanted side effects. At a concentration of 3%, Correctives 3.0 RA Serum is proven to be safe and effective and, with only a few drops applied at night, it provides visible results in treating the signs of ageing.

Size: 30 ml

Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant!


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Skin results and statements are based on clinical trials performed by the brand and individual results may vary.

How to use

How to use

At night ONLY:

After cleansing and drying skin, apply 2–3 drops onto the skin using the dropper. Massage lightly to spread the serum and allow it to absorb. Apply your night cream that does not contain retinoid.

Special precautions:

As retinoids are well known for their sun-sensitising effects, we do advise that you wash off any excess product in the morning. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing an SPF of 30 or more daily.

Stop use of the product 3 days before and 5 days after resurfacing and other in-office treatments.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Skin benefits of Correctives RA 3.0 Serum:

Epidermal effects:

Stratum corneum compaction.

Increases thickness of the viable epidermis.

Increases extracellular carbohydrate deposition for better water binding capacity and hydration

Dermal effects:

Suppresses free radical-induced MMP production.

Decreases the effects of UV light on the dermis – increases TIMP that counters MMPs.

Supresses production of elastosis due to sun damage.

Increased removal of elastosis – inhibits elafin protein production for more effective elastin regulation after sun damage.

Prevents Vit A deficiency due to sun exposure.

Enhances collagen production with 10–12 months use.


Where improved skin texture and product penetration is required

Introductory product to Retinoid treatment for ageing skin

For the treatment of elastosis – prepare to repair

Clients that are looking for a ‘step up’ from RA Cream

Clients preferring a serum combined with a non-retinoid-containing night cream

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

3% Patented retinoic acid analogue, Lipid-based serum.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for LAMELLE Correctives 3.0 RA Serum

  1. Belinda (verified owner)

    Retinol!! This helped both my husband and I to have beautiful glowing skin on 2 of our 3 children’s weddings in the past 3 months!

  2. Lizle (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this retinol serum over and over. My sensitive skin doesn’t experience any irritation at all. It’s a must-have for me! The fine lines in my skin are noticeably less.

  3. Ingrid (verified owner)

    This product is agreeing with me well! No extra dryness and flaking of skin on a mature skin. And at an affordable price at last!

  4. Karina (verified owner)

    This is my first retinol product and I’ve been using it now for about 5 months. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. and I’ve not experienced any skin irritation. Definitely good value for money.

  5. Natalie

    I started my retinol journey with this serum and found it caused no adverse effects. It feels very light and moisturising on application and did not cause any irritation for me. Great value for money, in my opinion.

  6. Robyn (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic retinol serum, especially for those new to incorporating retinol into their routine. This caused little to no irritation on my skin and I have seen a massive improvement in the texture and the pigmentation of my skin.
    All in all, great retinol for a good price.

  7. vicky (verified owner)

    I’m a long term user of retinol. This is the first time I am trying the LaMelle one, is very easy to use and effective.
    I would buy again.

  8. Liezl (verified owner)

    First time I’m trying a retinol serum and must say I’m loving it. I was worried that it might make my skin feel dry especially now with winter. So I’m only using it once a week at first and so far it has left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and not dry or dehydrated at all.

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