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LAMELLE Acnevelle Plus

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LAMELLE Acnevelle Plus

Oral capsules. Problematic skin types.

A well researched approach for the management of inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, is oral supplementation with appropriate dose Zinc and Nicotinamide. With Lamelle, Acnevelle, has been the oral supplement of choice for managing inflammatory skin disease and acne for many years. The combination of the ingredients in Acnevelle together with the use of a topical retinoid product provides an 80% improvement in inflammatory acne conditions in an 8 week period of treatment. The NEW ACNEVELLE PLUS now contains added Copper Glycinate together with the Zinc Glycinate and Nicotinamide.


Size: 60 capsules

Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant. Acnevelle has not been tested with people using or taking oral isotretinoin, those with known allergy to nicotinamide or zinc, and those suffering from cystic acne and uncontrolled medical illness 

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Skin results and statements are based on clinical trials performed by the brand and individual results may vary.

How to use

How to use

For the management of inflammatory skin conditions including Acne:
First two weeks: 4 caps per day (2 x AM and 2 x PM)
There after: 2 capsules per day, both AM

Preparation for inflammation causing treatments:
Take two capsules daily for 3 days before and 5 days after the procedure


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Both zinc and copper are trace elements that are absorbed via the mucosa of the gut wall in humans. By increasing the oral intake of zinc for long periods of time, the absorption of copper may be reduced in some people, potentially resulting in a copper deficiency. To enable longer term use of the supplement without a risk of copper deficiency, the original Acnevelle has been up dated and is now called Acnevelle Plus. Acnevelle Plus can now be taken for as long as required to achieve the therapeutic goals.

Precautions: Patients with a sensitivity to the active ingredients should not take Acnevelle Plus.

How is Acnevelle Plus different from Acnevelle?
• Acnevelle plus contains an effective dose of copper (in the form for Copper Glycinate).
• Zinc Picolinate has been replaced with Zinc Glycinate, for gentler gut absorption.
• The dose of non-flushing Nicotinamide has been adjusted to new South African regulations.

What conditions benefit from NEW Acnevelle Plus:
• Inflammatory skin conditions
• Inflammatory acne vulgaris
• Acne Rosacea
• Inflammatory responses after resurfacing, laser and CIT treatments

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

250 mg Nicotinamide
50 mg Zinc Glycinate
20 mg Copper Glycinate

Reviews (1)

1 review for LAMELLE Acnevelle Plus

  1. The_veganblonde (verified owner)

    Finally a product that works.
    After battling with hormonal and adult acne, I have finally found an affordable product and range that work.
    The first bottle made all my acne surface, so I had breakout.
    But after 4 days my skin cleared up, felt and looked amazing.
    No side effects except for my beautiful skin.
    I use this in conjunction with Lamelle Serra as recommended by Dr A.
    Thank you Team.

  2. Dr Alek Nikolic

    Hi Amori thank you for the feedback and the review it is appreciated. Kind regards Dr Alek

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