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Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review


Check Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review By Dr Alek Nikolic

Guest Video Reviews of Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial

When I first heard that Exuviance was bringing a new product out that infused the skin with oxygen I immediately looked at it sceptically so I decided to do my own research to be sure this product and its ingredients are backed by science. My main questions were does it really work and if so what are the exact skin benefits we will see?

[quote author=”Dr Alek Nikolic”]“If you would like to rejuvenate your skin, maximise oxygen intake, stimulate collagen production and you want the benefits of a facial from the comfort of your home then the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial is an excellent choice to see immediate and visible results”[/quote]


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Why do we need Oxygen?

Interestingly the original use of oxygen in skin care began with its topical application to hasten the healing of burns. This was done only in hospital environments where pressurized oxygen tanks were used. It was found that stable natural oxygen increases skin cell metabolism.

This should not to be confused with unstable forms of oxygen which I have often referred to as free radicals that are accumulated with environmental damage and have been shown to be major contributors to skin ageing and even skin cell death.

Role of Oxygen in Skin

Collagen synthesis and deposition can only occur in the presence of oxygen. It has been shown that oxygen is added to pro-collagen by prolyl-hydroxylase and lysyl-hydroxylase enzymes which is vital for the final end process and production of skin collagen.

During wound healing, there is an increased demand on energy (ATP) and, therefore oxygen.

Topical oxygen is increasingly being used to stimulate wound healing and more recently is also gaining use in dermatology for post-procedure skin care with remarkable results.

[quote author=”Dr Alek Nikolic”]”Molecular Oxygen supports natural production of cellular energy, optimises collagen levels and help revitalize & re-energize your skin plus the added PHA/Bionic blend restores youthful plumpness, suppleness and radiance:”[/quote]

Key Skin Benefits:

  1. Breathe new life into skin, instantly energizing and revitalizing, restoring a youthful, luminous complexion.
  2. Molecular Oxygen supports natural production of cellular energy, optimizes collagen levels.
  3. PHA/Bionic Blend restores youthful plumpness, suppleness and radiance.
  4. Ideal post-peel and post-polish
Ingredient Classification Mechanism
Gluconolactone Hydrating PHA Provides antiaging, skin smoothing benefits. Restores radiance, suppleness and provides a soft, silky finish.
Lactobionic Acid Patented Bionic Acid Provides antiaging, skin smoothing benefits. Restores radiance, suppleness and provides a soft, silky finish.
Perfluorohexane Triple oxygenating blend Colorless, inert liquids that deliver gases (oxygen) to skin.
Vehicle Self-foaming gel cream Paraben free, fragrance free blend of muguet (lily of valley) & cucumber notes, oil free. Light sky blue color.
Contains a conditioning polymer to provide a soft conditioned after feel and a polysaccharide known for its hydrating and film forming properties. 5% glycerin for moisturization
No hydrogen peroxide.
Product Info Non-irritating, non-sensitizing (no reactions). Can be used post-peel.



Study Review:

International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 18(3), 137-50. The effectiveness of molecular oxygen in cosmetic formulations.


 In a preliminary clinical study, two cosmetic preparations were compared, one without an oxygen carrier and the other one containing the oxygen carrier, fully saturated with oxygen.

Skin Measurements:

  • Moisture content of the skin and the skin profile


  • Perfluorodecalin plus molecular oxygen improves the barrier function of the skin
  • Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles: a linear dose-dependent increase in oxygen partial pressure of the skin (r=0.978) and a linear dose-dependent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (r=0.9855) was found

[quote author=”Dr Alek Nikolic”]“Following the study results and the references I have checked I can highly recommend the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial as a must have at home facial treatment that can be used 3 times weekly to maximise skin results”[/quote]

I hope you have found the above article interesting and helpful especially when choosing an at hoe oxygen facial for you and your skin. If you need any further advice, please feel free to email me directly or take our Face2Face Online Skin Consultation and you will get a personal skin care regime for your skin. If you found this article interesting, then please share it with your friends using our social media buttons below.

Kind regards

Dr Alek Nikolic

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Dr Alek Nikolic was born in South Africa and received his MBBCh (Wits) in 1992 and in 2000 he received his MBA (UCT). He has been in private practice for 24 years and is the owner of Aesthetic Facial Enhancement, which has offices in Cape Town. Dr Nikolic specialises in aesthetic medicine and is at the forefront of the latest developments in his field. He is very driven and has lectured extensively and has performed live demonstrations throughout South Africa and Internationally including Bangkok, Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo, Prague, and Warsaw. Dr Nikolic’s focus is on skin care, skin ingredients and cosmetic dermatology treatments such as lasers, chemical peels, Botox, and Dermal Fillers. He has performed over 20 000 procedures to date and as such is responsible for training numerous medical practitioners both in South Africa and internationally. Dr Nikolic is one of the founding members of the South African Allergan Medical Aesthetic Academy and chaired its inaugural launch in 2012. The Allergan Academy provides essential training to keep up with the latest technology in aesthetics. Dr Nikolic holds the advisory position of Allergan Local Country Mentor in Facial Aesthetics and is the Allergan Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler Trainer. He is Vice President of the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA) and is an Associate Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).

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