Ingredients can be confusing so understanding their uses, how they work, what concentrations to look out for, what combinations need to be added, and which ones to choose for our skin care regimes will be highlighted in this blog post. Get to know the most important ingredients for your skin so that visible changes will take place.

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Choosing The Right Strength Retinol

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Not Sure Which Retinol To Use? Choosing The Right Strength Retinol. Read Dr Alek Nikolic’s Guide On Retinol Choice, Strength and Treatment Guidelines I have recently stated using retinol on my skin and can honestly say that...

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Anti-Aging Superheroes

Super Ingredients For Anti-Aging  Do anti-ageing ingredients really exist and if so should I be using them on my skin and which ones should I choose?   It can get very confusing when hearing about all the...

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How to Simplify Your Skin Regime

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Dr Alek Nikolic's Advice: The Correct Skin Regime for Your Skin Type Understand What Products To Use and How To Use It By Dr Alek Nikolic. Save time and get better results with your skin care...

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